dijous, 16 de maig del 2024

Temps de Country (Country Time) 2024-05-06

Temps de Country (Country Time)

Dilluns, 6 de maig de 2024 (Monday, May 6th, 2024)
From 22:00 til 0.00




Holly Norman - Holly Norman 2012\15. Butterfly Dolly's Song
Uncle Eck Dunford, Hattie Stoneman - What will I do, for my money's all gone
Carolina Twins - I sat upon the river bank
The Carter Family - Bury me under the weeping willow
Jimmie Rodgers - Sleep, baby, sleep
Will Hedgecock - Sweet music man 2008
Jeffrey Steele - Just The Way We Do It 2005
Mary Gauthier - Genesis (The Early Years) 2008\14. I Ain't Got No Home (live, previously unreleased)
Spain - Carolina 2016\06. In My Hour
Home Again LP\Stand Alone
Home Again LP\1. The Canadian River
Luanne Hunt - The Pine, The Dogwood
Kieran Kane - Shadows on the Ground 2002\01 - Ain't Holdin' Back
Kix Brooks - New To This Town 2012\03. Bring it on home
Kris Kristofferson - Let the Music Play (Radio Broadcast) 1972\04 - Same Old Song
Allen Shelton  - Original Banjo Man\11 - I Don't Care Any More
Acoustic Blue - Timeless 2011\04 - I Don't Want To Know
Acoustic Blue - Timeless 2011\10 - Rose Colored Glasses
Acoustic Blue - Timeless 2011\02 - In My Next Life
Australia's Tornadoes - Dancin' Up A Storm 2014\07. Hillbilly Ricks Rap
Australia's Tornadoes - Dancin' Up A Storm 2014\Ghost Riders In The Sky (Wild Stallion Mix)
Australia's Tornadoes - Dancin' Up A Storm 2014\09. I Can Tell By The Way You Dance
Jacob Stiefel - The Memphis Sessions EP 2015\05 This Old Piano
Becky Hobbs - The Boots I Came To Town In
Lisa McHugh - A Life Thats Good 2014\On The Road Again
David Starr - Beauty & Ruin 2020\10. Laurel Creek
Soul Circus Cowboys - Tailgate Country 2016\11 Born to Ride
Soul Circus Cowboys - Tailgate Country 2016\02 Tailgate Country
Soul Circus Cowboys - Tailgate Country 2016\07 She's a Lot Like Whiskey
Bobby Austin - An Old Love Never Dies 1968\07 - This Song Is Just For You
Washboard Union - Washboard Union\01. I Can't Complain
Travis Vandal - One Cold Day in Autumn 2024\13. Hang With Me

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