dimecres, 29 de maig del 2024

Club del Country Programa 1927

Data enregistrament/Recording date: 14 de maig de 2024 / May 14th, 2024.

Host: Rafel Corbí

Des del 1987/Since 1987. Un programa de Ràdio Palafrugell.

Syndicated/Sindicat +40 emissores/stations
(Catalunya, Espanya, França, Andorra)
Programa de música country emès per 40+ emissores dels països de parla catalana. Presentat i dirigit des del 1987 per Rafel Corbí. 
On air thru 40 + stations in Catalonia (Spain), France and Andorra.




Johnny Cash - Well Alright
Kacey Musgraves - Cardinal
Kirsty Lee Akers - Girls Are Why The West Is Wild
Alastair Spence - Ladies love Outlaws
Luke Daniel - Smoking Weed with Jesus
Terri Clark, Ashley McBryde - Better Things To Do
Terri Clark, Ben Rector - Now That I Found You
Jimmy Bowen - Highway
Cary Morin - Innocent Allies 2024\1 - Big Sun Goes Down
Cary Morin - Innocent Allies 2024\14 - Montana Sky
Glen Shelton - Play For Mama
The Redhill Valleys - Rhinestoned
Jon Kott Band (feat Sam Donald) - Three Sheets
Dana Cooper - The Ghost of Tucumcari 2024\1 - Start The World Again
Dana Cooper - The Ghost of Tucumcari 2024\8 - Rocked In A Country Cradle
Jamie Lin Wilson - Maritime Moon

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