dijous, 9 de juny del 2016

Radio Estel Country 130 2016-02-07

Coses que hauríeu de saber sobre la història i orígens de la música country i possiblement no sabeu.

Fiddlin' John Carson And Moonshine Kate (Complete Recordings) - Are You Going To Leave The Old Home
Chip Taylor (Single) - Hello Atlanta
Jimmie Rodgers (1927-1928 Warped 2770) - The Soldier's Sweetheart
Jimmie Rodgers (Jimmy Rodgers Complete Recordings 1927-1933) - Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family
Oscar Ford (A History of Country Vol 1 Part 2 1920s) - Henry Ford's Model A
Gene Autry (Songs of The Cowboy) - Back In The Saddle Again
Light Crust Doughboys (Texas 1928-1944) - Pussy Pussy Pussy
Snuffy Jenkins  (Crazy Water Barn Dance) - Wang Wang Blues
Roy Acuff and his Crazy Tennesseeans (Classic Country Music) - Great Speckled Bird
Sue Richards (Single) - Homemade Love
Hank Williams (Single) - Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)?
Brad Paisley (Single) - This Is Country Music


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