dilluns, 6 de juny del 2016

Radio Estel Country 127 2016-01-17

Programa de música variada a Ràdio Estel. Àlbums de 2015.

Billy Bridge (Stories Through Time 2015) - Just Us
Battle of Flowers (Battle of Flowers 2015) - Lost and Found
Doyle Lawson (In Session 2015) - Roll Big River
Jeff Austin (The Simple Truth 20159 - What the night brings
Kacy Lee Anderson (Barrel Racer-Cowboy Chaser EP 2015) - Just Like A Summer Cloud
David Evans (Something About a Love Song EP 2015) - Ain't Gonna Guard My Heart
Ray Wylie Hubbard (The Ruffians Misfortune 2015) - All Loose Things
Iris DeMent (The Trackless Woods 2015) - To My Poems
Iris DeMent (The Trackless Woods 2015) - Broad Gold
Derek Anthony (Cowboy Way 2015) - Give It To Me Strait
Rebekah Reid (Chapters 2015) - Forget Me
James Johnson (Another Journey Home 2015) - Another Journey Home
Bonnie & The Clydes (Bonnie & The Clydes 2015) - It Ain't Nothin'
Grant Langston (Hope You're Happy Now 2015) - Drive


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