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Club del Country Programa 1824 (35th Anniversary Special)

Data enregistrament/Recording date: 24 de maig de 2022 / May 24th, 2022.

Celebrant el nostre 35è aniversari - Celebration of our 35th anniversary on air.

Host: Rafel Corbí

Des del 1987/Since 1987

Syndicated/Sindicat +40 emissores/stations
(Catalunya, Espanya, França, Andorra)
Programa de música country emès per 40+ emissores dels països de parla catalana. Presentat i dirigit des del 1987 per Rafel Corbí. 
On air thru 40 + stations in Catalonia (Spain), France and Andorra.


Randy Travis - Forever and ever Amen
Shane Owens - Love To Try Them On
Tracy Millar - I'm Not 29 No More 2021\Loretta's Moonshine
K. T. Oslin - 80's Ladies
Paige King Johnson - Water Down The Whiskey
George Strait - All My Ex's Live in Texas
JD Shelburne - Hometown In My Headlights
Highway 101 - Whiskey, If You Were A Woman
Josh Christina - Kayla Ann
Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt - Those Memories of You
Joey Canyon - On The Radio
Reba McEntire - One Promise Too Late
Jamie St Clair – All The Way

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