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Club del Country Programa 1802

Data enregistrament/Recording date: 21 de desembre de 2021 / December 21st, 2021.

Host: Rafel Corbí
Des del 1987/Since 1987

Syndicated/Sindicat +40 emissores/stations
(Catalunya, Espanya, França, Andorra)
Programa de música country emès per 40+ emissores dels països de parla catalana. Presentat i dirigit des del 1987 per Rafel Corbí. 
On air thru 40 + stations in Catalonia (Spain), France and Andorra.


Barrie-James - Strange Desire 2021\02. Country 33
Barrie-James - Strange Desire 2021\05. Emerald Girl
Bruce Robison - Country Sunshine 2001\01. Can't Get There From Here
Bruce Robison - Country Sunshine 2001\07. What Would Willie Do
Creed Fisher - Go out like Hank 2021\12 - Go out like Hank
Creed Fisher - Go out like Hank 2021\05 - Honky tonk life
Emilia Quinn - Medicate 2021\01 - Worse Than Whiskey
Jean Shepard - Just as soon as I get over loving you 1971\06 - With His Hand In Mine
Jean Shepard - Just as soon as I get over loving you 1971\01 - Just As Soon As I Get Over Loving You
Kalie Shorr - I Got Here By Accident 2021\01 - Amy
Buddy Jewell - Smokey Mountain Memories
Kelly Lynn Madison - So Long
Joe Fields - Does a Heartbreak Last Forever
Joe Fields - I Don't Wanna Write Another Sad Song
Parker McCollum - To Be Loved By You 2021

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