dimecres, 2 de desembre del 2020

Club del Country Programa 1747

Club del Country Programa 1747

1 de desembre/december 2020

Host: Rafel Corbí
Des del 1987
Syndicated/Sindicat +40 emissores/stations
(Catalunya, Espanya, França, Andorra)

Programa de música country emés per 40+ emissores dels països de parla catalana. Presentat i dirigit des del 1987 per Rafel Corbí. 

On air thru 40 + stations in Catalonia (Spain), France and Andorra.


Jimmie Dolan - Juke Box Boogie\Jimmie Dolan - Juke Box Boogie\16 Good-Bye My One And Only
Western Swing - Texas 1928-1944\CD1\16. W. Lee O'daniel - Dirty Hangover Blues
Pinmonkey - Big Shiny Cars 2006\03 - Coldest Fire In Town (feat. Elizabeth Cook & Rusty Young)
Info Little Big Town 2020
Walt Wilkins - Rivertown 2002\Walt Wilkins - Walnut Street
Johnny Paycheck - Mr. Lovemaker 1973
Wenche - I'm A Country Girl 2005\14-This Old House
Info Front Porch String Band 2020
Gin Wigmore - Gravel And Wine 2013\11 - Singin' My Soul
Charlie Rich - Behind Closed Doors 1973
Reno & Smiley with Carter & Ralph Stanley\Love, O' Love Please Come Home
Info Ben Bostick 2020
Emmylou Harris - Elite Hotel 1975 (Cd Version 2002)\04 Sin City (Remastered LP Version)

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