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Country a Ràdio Estel 2020-03-15 Programa 308

Country a Ràdio Estel

Programa 308
Gravat/Recorded: 8 de Març/March, 2020
Host: Rafel Corbí
En antena a Ràdio Estel (Catalunya i Andorra) i Ràdio Palafrugell

Programa de música country per a Ràdio Estel i Ràdio Palafrugell presentat i dirigit per Rafel Corbí...

Tenille Arts


Todd Souhrada - Father Hold My Hand 03-19.mp3
George Strait - The Weight Of The Badge 11-19.mp3
Sonny Morgan - Hopelessly Blue 07-19.mp3
Bonnie Lang - Beautiful Destination 10-19.mp3
James Garland - It's Alright 02-19.mp3
Junior Sisk - Load The Wagon 2020\01. Get In Line Buddy
Junior Sisk - Load The Wagon 2020\03. Hooked On Bluegrass
Junior Sisk - Load The Wagon 2020\08. I'm Lonesome And Blue
Carly Pearce - Carly Pearce 2020\01. Closer To You
Carly Pearce - Carly Pearce 2020\03. I Hope You’re Happy Now
Carly Pearce - Carly Pearce 2020\08. It Won’t Always Be Like This
Wild Rabbit Salad - Trouble in Town 2020\Four days sober
Wild Rabbit Salad - Trouble in Town 2020\Everybody Loves My Hat (Live)
Wild Rabbit Salad - Trouble in Town 2020\Waiting Around To Die
Chuck Mead - Close to Home 2019\03. My Baby's Holding It Down
Nicholas Edward Williams - As I Go Ramblin' Around 2019\11 - I'll Never Know Everything
Tenille Arts -  Call You Names 2019

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