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Country a Ràdio Estel 2019-11-10 Programa 290

Country a Ràdio Estel
Programa 290
10 de Novembre/November, 2019
Host: Rafel Corbí
En antena a Ràdio Estel (Catalunya i Andorra) i Ràdio Palafrugell

Programa de música country per a Ràdio Estel i Ràdio Palafrugell presentat i dirigit per Rafel Corbí...


Richard Murray - The Long Haul 2019\01. Thunderbird
Richard Murray - The Long Haul 2019\05. Satellite Town
Pete Berwick - Island 2019\1. I'm Gettin' Tired of this Place
Pete Berwick - Island 2019\3. Just Make it You and Me Tonight
Wanda Jackson - Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine\2-06 Send Me No Roses
Johnny Darrell - Ruby don't take your love to town 1967\05 - Come See What's Left of Your Man
Melba Montgomery - 1958-1962 (Warped 6230)\16. From These Arms of Mine
Marty Robbins - Country 1951-1958 (1991)\07 - You're Breaking My Heart
Various Artists - Country Singles 1980-1989\Charly McClain - The Very Best Is You
The Bellamy Brothers - Dancin\11 - If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body ( Would You Hold It Against Me)
Country Gentlemen live 1961\27 Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky
Larry Boone - One Way To Go 1991\01 Rock On The Road
Joe Carson - 1953-1964 2011\17 - Shoot The Buffalo
Michaela Anne - Bright Lights and the Fame 2016\01 - Living Without You
Michaela Anne - Bright Lights and the Fame 2016\03 - Bright Lights and the Fame
Old Dominion -  One Man Band 2019

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