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Country a Ràdio Estel 2019-10-20 Programa 287

Country a Ràdio Estel
Programa 287
20 d'Octubre/October, 2019
Host: Rafel Corbí
En antena a Ràdio Estel (Catalunya i Andorra) i Ràdio Palafrugell

Programa de música country per a Ràdio Estel i Ràdio Palafrugell presentat i dirigit per Rafel Corbí...



Vince Gill - Okie 2019\09 - A Letter To My Mama
Vince Gill - Okie 2019\08 - When My Amy Prays
Tom Cochrane - Take It Home 2015\02 - Sunday Afternoon Hang
Tom Cochrane - Take It Home 2015\03 - Diamonds
Jimmie Rodgers - Hobo Bill's Last Ride
The Carter Family - My Little Home In Tennessee
Cliff Carlisle - Nevada Johnny
Fiddlin' John Carson - Little Old Cabin In The Lane
Vernon Dalhart - The Wreck Of The Old '97
Henry C. Gilliland & AC Robertson - Arkansaw Traveler
Ernest V. Stoneman, E. Kahle Brewer, Walter Mooney - Dying girl's farewell
Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Quartet - I want to go where Jesus is
Tanya Tucker - While I'm livin' 2019\02. The Wheels Of Laredo
Tanya Tucker - While I'm livin' 2019\10. Bring My Flowers Now

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