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Club del Country 2017-03-10 - 1584

Club del Country 2017-03-10
Programa 1584


A New Shade Of Blue - A New Shade of Blue 2011\01 - Carolina's Arms
A New Shade Of Blue - A New Shade of Blue 2011\04 - When He Reached Down His Hand For Me
A New Shade Of Blue - A New Shade of Blue 2011\11 - Hard Rock Mountain Prison ( Till I Die)
Delaney Davidson - Lucky Guy 2015\01 - Broken Wheel
Delaney Davidson - Lucky Guy 2015\03 - You Don't Want me Around
Jambalaya - And Friends\04. w Ernest Ray Everett - Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
Jambalaya - And Friends\05. w Ann Kathrine Morratz - Tennessee Waltz
Jambalaya - And Friends\07. w Rune Funch - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Don Williams - The Shelter of Your Eyes 1998\07 - I Wouldn't Want To Live If You Didn't Love Me
Don Williams - 36 All-Time Greatest Hits CD2 1996\04 - You're My Best Friend
Don Williams - Turn Out The Light (And Love Me Tonight)
Don Williams - Greatest Hit Best Audiophile\ - Till The Rivers All Run Dry
Montgomery Gentry - If You Ever Stop Loving Me
Montgomery Gentry - Something To Be Proud Of
Montgomery Gentry - Lucky Man
Montgomery Gentry - Back When I Knew It All 2008\11-God Knows Who I Am (feat Lillie Mae Rische of Jypsi)

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