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Club del Country 2016-02-16 Programa1500

Celebrant el nostre programa setmanal núm. 1500 amb les cançons que van sonar gaire bé 30 anys enrere en els nostres primers programes.

Club del Country Programa 1500

Johnny Cash - 1969 - San Quentin\ Wanted Man
Marty Robbins - 18 Songs You'll Always Love (Vinyl) 1983\ El Paso
John Anderson / 1983 All the people are talkin'
Dwight Yoakam - Little Ways.mp3
Alabama - 40 Hour Week 1985\  Fourty hour week (for a livin')
Tammy Wynette - My Man 1972\ Good Lovin'
Johnny Cash - The Higwaymen\1985 \ Highwayman
The O'Kanes - Oh Darlin' Why Don't You Care for Me No More 1986
Kenny Rogers - Coward Of The Country
Willie Nelson - Tales out of Luck \ Let My Mind Wander
Boxcar Willie - Just train songs \ King Of The Road
Waylon Jennings - Sally Was A Good Old Girl
Randy Travis - Storms of Life 1986\ 1982
Lyle Lovett - Cowboy Man


Resultat d'imatges de Johnny Cash - 1969 Resultat d'imatges de Tammy Wynette

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